Technology copywriting

Unlock extra and hidden value from your written resources. Facttactic can turn your technical information into persuasive and easy-to-read marketing copy.

Copywriting to convince your customers

Case studies, marketing packs, press releases, brochures and newsletters: your technical information becomes a valuable marketing and income-generating resource.

We are experts in turning dry facts and technical details into compelling stories and technology copywriting.

Media campaigns

We have a ton of experience working with the media to maximise the reach of our clients’ technology stories. We can create information packs to help you approach the media with confidence or we can make the approach for you.

Copywriting to engage your staff

New technology systems and processes can make staff nervous. We make them fans!

We have a ton of experience in writing newsletters and cheat sheets and building twikis or intranets to give your staff the information they need to understand and interact with new systems.

Facttactic writers have backgrounds in journalism. We know how to dig out the right facts and present them clearly and openly. We give your staff the knowledge and confidence to interact with new systems.

Find out more

Read more about our copywriting work at our copywriting services website.

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