Web writing done well boosts your technical writing

Website writing is a specialised craft that we do well. We write for websites, intranets and wikis.

Web writing that works

We use words that quickly capture and hold people’s attention and that are beacons for search engines.

Our web writing sings

Our main tools are relevant, well-organised content and concise plain English. But don’t think plain means bland. Like all our writing, our web writing is designed to sing!

Search engine friendly

We understand the importance of writing that search engines take notice of so your website can be easily found.

Our web writers use the right ingredients (good keywords and links) for search engine success, and we will work with your website developers to ensure those ingredients are used correctly and powerfully.

HTML / CSS / Wiki mark-up

We can code in HTML, CSS, and Wiki mark-up, so we can enter your text directly into your site’s source code if required. Otherwise, we give you words in Word or plain text format to be entered on to your site.

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